Dear visitors and patients!

Welcome to the home page of the First German Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine.

Our hospital is an integrative clinic project where, since 1991 in a school medicine parameter through our Chinese Doctors at the Beijing University of TCM, our patients are offered the highly competent diagnostic system and associated methods resulting from the thousand year old traditional Chinese medicine.

At the same time through the German medical team there is an optimum combination of modern psychosomatic medicine, which holistically includes the patients illness and offers him a lot of help for self-initiative and illness management.
If necessary, additional measures of conventional medicine and Western natural healing methods are used.

In recognition of decades of research, education and clinical treatment, the TCM Clinic Bad Kötzting was officially appointed to the University Hospital of TCM University Beijing in 2010.

We think that through our hospital concept we can offer you a successful combination treatment of SOMA (body) and PSYCHE (soul) which is a unique connection in Europe.

Take the time to gather information about the TCM Clinic Bad Kötzting from our home page, and take advantage of the relevant areas of information for you: our therapy offers, information for patients, information for doctors and information for pharmacies.

We are more than happy to answer your questions personally. Please do not hesitate to make direct contact with us.

Dr. med. Stefan Hager
Medical Director